With the prospect of a looming development project comes the responsibility of choosing the right team to work with. Deciding on an excellent construction manager to lead your project will save you time and prevent costly missteps.

Considerations for Choosing a Construction Manager in the Tri-State Area

When choosing a construction manager in the Tri-State area, research is vital. The volume of companies available can make it difficult to hone in on the ideal candidate for the role, but there are some key things to look for that can make searching easier.

A Consistent Portfolio of Similar Projects

One of the key points to consider when deciding on a construction manager is their previous experience on similar projects. Fortunately, most experienced construction management firms provide ample access to their portfolios online. 

A consistent portfolio also demonstrates the longevity of the company. While a newer team may have a great skillset, a lack of experience can affect the efficiency of the project’s execution. On the other hand, a construction manager with many years of experience has likely been exposed to all of the problems that can arise during construction and will be prepared to address them quickly.

Strong Recommendations from Past Clients

While a portfolio says a lot about the potential construction manager, recommendations and reviews say more. A company may produce excellent results, but if the process of getting there is a headache and a hassle, choosing them may not be worth it. Previous clients can answer any questions you have about their experience and what working with the construction manager in question is like. 

Additionally, a construction management company that is comfortable with their previous work should be happy to provide references from past clients or list reviews regarding their work. If these are unavailable, it may indicate that the team is challenging to work with, or there are other underlying issues.

Individual Compatibility with the Team

One of the most important parts of deciding on a project management company to assist in the development and construction of your project is compatibility. Finding a team that is willing to work with you and understands your goal is vital to the project’s success. Take time to meet with the construction manager to discuss your expectations and ensure that your intentions align. Ideally, you should also be given a chance to meet with the team working on your project.

If you come away from the meeting feeling uneasy or unsure, it may be an indicator that you should look elsewhere. One of the primary responsibilities of a construction management company is to guarantee that your needs are met. This is difficult to accomplish if you don’t feel comfortable addressing any problems that arise.

Other Considerations When Hiring a Construction Manager

Before deciding on a team, be sure to explicitly address your budget expectations. Clearly stating your goals will allow your construction manager to explore the feasibility of the project and ensure that there aren’t any expenses you aren’t prepared for. 

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