Land development in the greater NYC metro area is positively booming. If you’ve been in the area lately, this will come as no surprise to you. With land development projects popping up in all five boroughs and surrounding cities, the NYC metro is a hub of both new construction and massive renovations. Entire complexes, neighborhoods, and cities are transforming seemingly by the second. 

Although we can see the development unfolding before our eyes, the land development process can seem intimidating and challenging to navigate. However, with the right information and planning, the process can be relatively painless. 

Understanding The Land Development Process

Select a Property

Of course, the first step in land development is finding a property. Whether it’s a vacant lot or an old construction in need of a facelift, the NYC area has plenty of properties to choose from. After selecting a property, it’s essential to understand all of the “red tape.” Understanding who has claim to and jurisdiction over the property is important to know, as well as zoning, easement, permit, and utility information. This researching period will be imperative to the ease and success of your land development process, so be thorough and keep a clear plan of how you will proceed.

Design a Plan

After you’ve done all of the research on the desired property and are still interested in pursuing the land development project, you’ll need to make a land development plan that is compliant with all of the restrictions and allowances in place. If there are any permits that you will require for the development, you will need to apply for them during this portion of the planning process. You will also need to consider how the project will be received by the surrounding community or city to ensure successful transition and development.

Consider Financing

Financing the land development project is also a major consideration. If you are building from the ground up, you’ll need to thoughtfully plan a budget that takes into account all aspects of the development process. If you’re renovating a previously inhabited property, you will need to thoroughly inspect the property and make a plan and budget for all of the necessary improvements.

Get Creative

Once all of that nitty-gritty work is complete, the creative process begins. This is when the planning of the actual property begins, so sharpen your drafting pencil. During this process, pay close attention to the property’s intended use to ensure your design aligns with the utility of the space. Before breaking ground on the exciting new development, make sure all of those permits you researched before are taken care of, and you have the green light for construction.

With all of that planning and hard work under your belt, your land development project will be complete, and you’ll be ready to sell or use the property. Making a comprehensive land development plan will save you from surprises and headaches and set you up for a successful development project.

How Deugen Can Help

Deugen Development is your top choice for land development projects in the NYC metro area. With a premier team of experienced professionals and wide range of past completed projects, we’ll help you realize your project on time and under budget. Contact us today to begin the land development process with a trusted team.